The term accessibility entails the inclusion of people with disabilities tohave them participate in activities such as the use of products, services, and information. Some examples are buildings with wheelchair ramps and toilets that are adapted for the disabled.

On the internet, accessibility especially refers to the WCAG (World Content Accessibility Guide) W3C recommendations and, in the Brazilian government's case, to the e-MAG (Accessibility Model of Electronic Government). The e-MAG is in line with international recommendations, and also establishes accessibility standards for governmental websites.

On the top of each Portal page there is an accessibility bar, where there are standardized navigation tools and an option to change the contrast. 

The shortcuts are as follows:

Press Alt + 1 on any portal page to reach the beginning of the page's main content.

Press Alt + 2 on any portal page to reach the start of the main menu.

Press Alt + 3 on any portal page to reach the search button.

On Firefox, instead of Alt + number, press Alt + Shift + number simultaneously.

If on Firefox on Mac OS, instead of Alt + Shift + number, press Ctrl + Alt + number.

On Opera, the keys are Shift + Escape + number. If you press only Shift + Escape, you will open a window with all the page's ACCESSKEY alternatives.

You can download below some files that better explain accessibility and how it should be implemented on  websites.

Brazilian laws and decrees about accessibility: