Embrapa has open research data platforms, which allow information access and sharing. Check and access them below. 
  • Geoinfo: Open spatial data

    The GeoInfo platform was developed to share Embrapa's spatial data set with society. It follows safety and quality standards that allow the preservation of data, the generation of new information, and its dissemination among researchers and citizens. This platform was created when Embrapa acceded to the Brazilian National Spatial Data Infrastructure  (Inde), and it offers a range of web services that allow automated access for external systems in open, structured and machine-readable formats.
  • Redape: Embrapa's Research Data Repository

    Redape is a platform that aims to preserve and facilitate the search for research data produced by Embrapa. It is divided in themes like animal and plant production; biomass; biotechnology and genetic resources; among others. The platform allows the organization, management and publication of data according to the principles that guide scientific data management in the whole world, which include accessibility, interoperability, reproducibility, and reuse.