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Bioprocesso de produção de ácido cítrico com utilização de cepas de fungos filamentosos selecionadas da biodiversidade brasileira. A produção tem como...


Bioprocesso para produção de ácido lático com utilização de cepa elite de bactéria selecionada da biodiversidade brasileira. A produção tem como fonte...


As análises de viabilidade econômico-financeira de plantios florestais têm sido normalmente reali- zadas considerando o financiamento da atividade som...

Collections Collections

  • Plantar

    Pocket-sized, illustrated and written in plain, didactic language, the titles of the Plantar [Cropping] collection focus on the basic aspects of the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, medicinal plants, oilseeds, and others.

  • Agroindústria Familiar

    The Agroindústria Familiar [Family Agroindustry] collection offers manuals about the industrial processing of raw materials like milk, fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes.

  • ABC da Agricultura Familiar

    The publications in the ABC da Agricultura Familiar [ABC of Familiy Farming] collection show how to optimize agricultural activities. Animal husbandry, cropping techniques, pest and disease control, alternative fertilization, and the elaboration of fruit preserves are some of the topics they address.

  • 500 perguntas 500 respostas

    The publications in the 500 perguntas 500 respostas [500 questions 500 answers] collection were elaborated based on questions made by farmers, associations, cooperatives, etc. and answered by Embrapa.

Digital environments Digital environments

Open repositories Open repositories

  • Infoteca-e

    Information on technologies for those who work in the fields, such as farmers, extension agents, agricultural technicians, students and teachers at rural schools, cooperative members, and others.

  • Alice

    Scientific information published as book chapters, papers in indexed journals, papers in conference proceedings, theses and dissertations, technical notes, and others kinds of publications.

  • Sabiia

    Tool to search scientific publications in open-access repositories by national and international science and education institutions.

  • Agricultural Research Database (BDPA)

    System to consult Embrapa's physical and digital library catalogues.

  • Embrapa series

    The Embrapa Series are a set of publications that contain technical information resulting from research projects, technology transfer, technical meetings and managerial activities. They are named after their type of content: Sistemas de Produção [Production Systems], Boletim de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento [Bulletin of Research and Development], Documentos [Documents], Circular Técnica [Technical Circular], Comunicado Técnico [Technical Communiqué] and Eventos Técnicos & Científicos [Scientific & Technical Events].