Opportunities to expand access to technologies

    A license is a permission, via contractual agreement, that transfers (exclusive or non-exclusive) rights to commercially explore an asset the institution owns (patents, processes, technical know-how and/or brands), under conditions defined in contract and according to which there are payments for royalties and/or another kind of compensation.


  • Advantages of being licensed by Embrapa

    A licensee is a strategic partner who directly contributes to Embrapa's mission of creating research, development and innovation solutions for the sustainability of agriculture, to the benefit of Brazilian society.

    Moreover, it expands business opportunities through:

    • access to markets
    • added business value
    • more product lines
    • knowledge exchange
    • the credibility of the Embrapa brand
  • Licensing goals

    • commercial exploration of products, with or without the use of the brand
    • use of the brand for processes, methodologies, agricultural practices, or systems
    • commercial validation
    • market development
    • know-how transfer

Licensing can happen through: Licensing can happen through: