• Mission

    To create research, development and innovation solutions to ensure the sustainability of agriculture, for the benefit of Brazilian society.



  • Vision

    To be a protagonist and essential partner in the generation and use of knowledge for the sustainable development of Brazilian agriculture.

Values Values

The values that are placed on Embrapa and staff's practices and behavior are:

  • 1. Reliability and Integrity

    We are reliable because we cultivate and practice ethical and moral commitment in all of our activities, providing integrity to our company.

  • 2. Respect

    We are open to the new and we believe both in personal and professional growth based on respect for diversity of people and opinions.
  • 3. Connectivity

    We aim to interact with all the strata that generate knowledge and technology and respective beneficiaries by generating impact through the technologies developed by us and our partners.
  • 4. Innovation

    We seek creative and innovative solutions that add value to the products and services that we develop.
  • 5. Excellence

    We are commited to our work and make efforts to deliver high-quality results.
  • 6. Sustainability

    We aim to leverage socioeconomic welfare in harmony with the environment through innovative knowledge and solutions that contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.