Through radio waves or on the web, Embrapa broadcasts information and news to the production sector and those interested in new findings in agricultural research. On this page you can check the radio shows and podcasts the company has produced.
  • Prosa Rural

    Prosa Rural [Rural Talks] is a radio show about technologies and low-cost easily-adoptable products to improve the life of smallholders and youth in rural communities.


  • Agroenergético

    The Agroenergético [Agroenergetic] podcast is produced by Embrapa Agroenergy to disseminate information on research, technologies and novelties for biomass, chemical and renewable materials industries and for industrial biotechnology. 


  • Entomologia em podcast

    Entomologia em podcast [Entomology in podcasts] is a podcast produced by Embrapa Cerrados that addresses different subjects related to insects, with themes that interest researchers, rural extension agents, and entomology students.

  • Terra e Alimento

    Terra e Alimento [Land and Food] is a podcast produced by Embrapa Foods and Territories with news and discussions about the food diversity of Brazilian peoples and territories, distinct Brazilian foods, food landscapes, gastronomic and agritourism itineraries, public policy to strengthen food and nutrition, fighing food waste, and much more.

  • Raiz & Fruto

    Raiz & Fruto [Root & Fruit] is a podcast produced by the Embrapa Cassava and Fruits that brings interviews about research and technology transfer activities in the pineapple, banana, citrus, papaya, mango, passion fruit and cassava production chains.


  • Falando de trigo

    Embrapa Wheat's podcast Falando de trigo [Speaking of wheat] presents a chat show with experts on topics related to the wheat, barley, triticale, rye, oats and canola production chains.


  • Café com ciência

    Embrapa Genetic Resources and Biotechnology produces the podcast Café com ciência [Coffee with Science] with news from research developed in their laboratories located in Brasília, DF, Brazil.
  • ILPF na Rede

    [ICLFS online] Podcasts produced by Embrapa Agrosilvopastoral that share farmers' experiences in integrated crop-livestock-forestry systems and answer questions about the subject.