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  • Social Report

    Annual publication that details impacts of the adoption of technologies and some of the main results obtained by Embrapa throughout the previous year.
  • Embrapa in numbers

    Publication with agricultural indicators by Embrapa and other Brazilian and foreign institutions, which includes data and figures about the company's infrastructure, budget, teams, and research program.

  • Agricultural data

    Interactive dashboards to search data on agriculture, livestock, animal slaughter, and foreign trade.
  • Intelligence and market

    Page for Embrapa's Knowledge Network, which gathers Observatories and Intelligence Centers that compile information about several production chains.. 

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  • Press teams

    Embrapa's press office hours comply with the working hours of each of its Decentralized Units, considering the different time zones in the Brazilian territory. At the headquarters, they are 7:30am to 6:15pm, Monday through Friday, and contact details are:  imprensa@embrapa.br and (+55 61) 3448-4285, 3448-1861 and 3448-1516. 

    Check the list of press officers at the headquarters and in our research centers below: