For the sake of economy and to reduce workflows, Embrapa started to electronically enter and process administrative proceedings, as part of the project National Electronic Process (PEN), which was created and open sourced by the Federal Regional Court of Justice - Fourth Region.

The Electronic Information System (SEI) encompasses a set of modules, and each has distinct functionalities, depending on the needs of external users.

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External user registration

Registration for individuals who have queries regarding administrative proceedings in the institution, such as contracts, agreements, terms and other types of similar instruments.

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Download and fill in the Terms and Conditions

Digital signature

The Embrapa's SEI User Terms and Conditions can be digitally signed through a digital certification (ICP-Brazil standard). Another accepted possibility is to sign the Term with the GOV.BR sign-in tool, which is available for free here. Click below to find guidance on how to use the tool.

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Access for registered external users

External users who already had their registration approved can use the petition module, which allows individuals (representatives of corporate entities or not) to start proceedings and file documents through the Internet, dispensing with submitting documents in physical format by post or personally at the Protocol sections of an Embrapa Unit.

After the access as an External User is authorized, individuals can:

  1. Visualize files of their interest.
  2. Submit documents.
  3. Electronically sign contracts, agreements, terms and other similar instruments they establish with Embrapa.

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Access for External Users

Terms and Conditions

How to use SEI

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