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Debates, news, and results from agricultural research produced by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation - Embrapa and partners are also available on video. Learn more about our YouTube channels here. 

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Use Embrapa Portal's video search. You can search here for a specific term, filter results per show, or organize them by date, among other resources. The mechanism is integrated with YouTube.




Check Embrapa's channels on YouTube Check Embrapa's channels on YouTube

Videos on many topics, produced by several Embrapa research centers.  

This show is produced weekly by Embrapa Technological Information with the aim of disseminating technologies resulting from research developed by Embrapa and partners. 
A partnership between Embrapa Temperate Agriculture and Emater Pelotas, the show targets issues related to agriculture and livestock in Southern Brazil.

Produced by Embrapa and EBC Services, the show brings specialists from many different areas of knowledge to discuss, inform, and update us on science and its advances, challenges, and impact on each one of our lives. 

The Radar da Tecnologia – Soja (Soybean Technology Radar) is Embrapa's video channel that specializes in technical issues related to soybean production in Brazil. The content is linked to the Soybean Technology Radar website, a multimedia communication vehicle that offers online learning opportunities, including lectures, publications, articles and interviews. They are all organized into themes, which makes locating content easier. Access http://www.embrapa.br/soja/radar and learn more.

Tecnologia e Produção [Technology and Production] is a segment produced by Embrapa Beef Cattle (Campo Grande-MS) and the Brazilian Agribusiness System (SBA/Canal do Boi), broadcast daily in the show Mercado do Campo, Monday through Friday, starting at 15h05The technical-scientific content is aimed at the farming sector, with a focus on beef and dairy cattle, sheep, and co-related areas.

Momento Embrapa Pecuária [Embrapa Cattle Moment] is a show produced by Embrapa Beef Cattle (Campo Grande-MS) and AgrobrasilTV, broadcast Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 06h30 and 14h. The diffusion of technological solutions generated by Embrapa is the show's main goal, within the scope of strengthening the Brazilian beef cattle production chain.