Several of Embrapa's assets are available for partnerships.
    Browse and discover how to generate technological solutions that add value to businesses and enable innovations in the agricultural production sector.
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    Cooperation with Embrapa

    Embrapa establishes partnerships with different kinds of private and public organizations, in Brazil and abroad, to strengthen the interaction between the production and social environments.

    The main goal of such partnerships is encouraging innovation, which can be reached through different fronts involving scientific and technological Research and Development; the generation of products, processes and services; technology transfer; and institutional development.


    Partnership categories

    Learn the kinds of partnership that Embrapa offers below, which can also be tailored to different needs.

    Contact us to make strategic alliances to benefit agriculture and society.

    Partnership Structuring Team


    R&D Projects

    We share knowledge, resources and infrastructure for the development of new technologies and obtainment of results of common interest.

    Know-how transfer

    We have knowledge and techniques that, when adequately applied, add benefits for those who use it.
  • Licensing

    We establish partnerships to produce, use, sell or explore technological assets and solutions, knowledge, or patents in the production sector.


    We provide lab analyses, product tests, mapping, zoning, planning, expert analyses, technical advice and consultancy, monitoring, capacity-building, and others.

Lines of RD&I support and funding Lines of RD&I support and funding